8 Bit RPG Creator

  • 价格:12元
  • 分类:games
  • 软件语言:中,英文等
  • 支持:Windows Phone 8.1|Windows Phone 8|Windows Phone 7.5
  • 更新时间:2014-04-07
  • 版本:
  • 大小:26 MB
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  • 开发商:Scott Cawthon
Snap together your own 8-bit rpg within minutes! Put together your own enemies and NPC's using over 60 body parts and over 1,000,000 possible character combinations (Or 90 body parts and 10,000,000 combinations with the full version)! Build your own customized weapons and weapon shops; draw your own overworld maps using tiles for grass, snow, sand, stone and lava; and interlink as many overworld maps as you want for almost unlimited gameplay possibilities!

NOTE: This program is for entertainment purposes only and is not for professional game development. These games cannot be sold and contain copyrighted material.

Highlights include:

-Make unlimited games!
-Switch between edit and play modes at the click of a button!
-Go back and tweak enemies and maps in seconds!
-50 character and weapon slots per game!
-Choose between 4 heroes, or 8 with the extended edition!